RAE Systems End of Life Announcement QRAE II

End of Life Announcement September 09, 2016
We receieved this from RAE Systems:

At Honeywell Analytics, we are constantly evaluating and updating our product line to meet the evolving gas detection needs of customers around the world. In some cases, this means discontinuing an offering and focusing our efforts on others.

The QRAE II gas detector and related accessories will be discontinued effective December 31th, 2016.

Alternative Offering for QRAE II

Alternative options to the QRAE II are our QRAE 3 (pump/diffusion) or MicroRAE (diffusion) gas detectors. Both the QRAE 3 and MicroRAE gas detectors offer wireless options and the QRAE 3 offers additional sensor options including SO2, PH3, and NH3.

Old Part Number Old Description QRAE 3 CSA Equivalent MicroRAE cCSAus Equivalent
020-1111-0A0 QRAE II Diffusion LEL / O2 / H2S / CO – Li-Ion M020-21111-111 M031-1111-200
020-1111-2A0 QRAE II Pumped LEL / O2 / H2S / CO – Li-Ion M020-11111-111 N/A

Last Order Date

The last order date for the QRAE II will be December 31st, 2016. We will accept orders based on material availability.

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Honeywell Production Delays

Order Entry and Production Hold from Honeywell

We received the following notice from Honeywell – BW Technologies
As of October 5 and until further notice, all orders for GasAlertMicroClip XL and as AlertMicroClip X3 gas detectors and replacement PCBs will be put on order entry and shipping hold. Affected order numbers include:

  • MCXL-*
  • MCX3-*
  • MCX3-MPCB1

Resolution and Communications
We are currently evaluating a third party supplier quality issue. With our commitment to quality, a rigorous investigation is underway to determine root cause, remediation and potential impact, if any, to detectors in the field. Our teams are working hard on progressing towards a resolution.

During this hold we will be able to alternatively offer:


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RKI Instruments Introduces EC-600 CO Monitor

New Stand Alone CO Monitor Now Available With Optional Remote Sensor Extension Cable

RKI is pleased to introduce the new EC-600 stand-alone carbon monoxide monitor.  The EC-600 will continuously detect CO with a range of 0-150 ppm with 1 ppm increments. The EC-600 features highly visible 3-color alarms, audible alarms and digital display as CO levels increase above the 2 alarm points.

As a new addition to this release, these units are now available with remote extension cables of various lengths factory attached as one part number. Please see the new price list below for these updates.

The EC-600 replaces the model EC-500, which is no longer available.  The EC-600 has all the same capabilities as the EC-500 as well as the following advancements:


  • 3 power options (115 VAC, 24 VDC, or Alkaline batteries-AA)
  • An audible alarm tone with a multicolored LED digital display
  • Ready to operate with a simple wall mount bracket and 10 foot power cord in its AC version
  • Larger display makes readings visible from farther away

Three color display: Green, yellow, and red to show various operation or alarm conditions

Click here for pricing


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New Calibration Station for RKI Instruments GX-6000 Gas Monitor

RKI Instruments is now shipping the new SDM-6000 calibration station for the GX-6000.

Here are some details (pricing will be on the website soon)

Stand Alone Station
RKI’s new SDM-6000 is a versatile maintenance tool that automates the service of a GX-6000 portable gas monitor. This docking station can be used as a stand alone device for charging, calibration and bump testing, with all records stored automatically for future upload to a PC via SD card or connection with a USB cable depending on the mode of operation.

Modular Design
SDM-6000 calibration stations are modular by design and can easily connect to each other without the need for any tubes or cables. Up to 10 calibration stations can also be connected to one PC for automated charging, calibration, bump testing and archiving of data. All data collected from the PC Controlled software can also be centralized in one network location accessible by anyone with the PC Controlled software with access to the network location.

The SDM-6000 can be used in PC Controller operation where it is controlled by the PC Controller Program or in Standalone Operation (not connected to a computer) where all control is done at the master SDM-6000 and all data is transferred to the PC Controller program via an SD memory card.


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End of Life Announcement – RAE Monitors

RAE Systems by Honeywell End of Life Announcement

At Honeywell Analytics, we are constantly evaluating and updating our product line to meet the evolving gas detection needs of customers around the world. In some cases, this means discontinuing an offering and focusing our efforts on others. This notification is to announce the End of Life date for these specific products:

  • QRAE Plus
  • VRAE

All orders submitted to RAE Systems before the “End of Sale” date will be processed. All quotes submitted by RAE Systems before the “End of Sale” Date will be honored as long as they are not expired.

Regions Affected

This product Discontinuation Notice affects all regions of RAE Systems operations worldwide.


The product affected by the discontinuation and purchased prior to the “End of Sale Date” will bear all the standard warranties and comply with other RAE Systems warranty policies as they pertain to the product.

End of Service and Support

We will continue to support these products with warranty replacement parts, or an equivalent product replacement, until 30th June, 2017. Service teams will continue to provide support and repair during this time.

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